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How to Make Better Decisions & Build the Life You Want

Decisions are at the core of every success story and every personal triumph. Isn’t it crazy then to think that most of our tools for making good decisions only include asking for advice, making pros and cons lists , or the trial and error approach? My goal is to help people make empowered decisions, and a place to start is helping them understand the strengths & weaknesses of their decision-making tendencies. Learn the 4 styles of decision making in this episode!

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Bridge the Gap Between Your Vision Board & Your Bank Account | Interview with Nechelle Bartley

Financial strategy and success start with knowing what you want and why you want it, Nechelle says. It’s not just, “I want to own a house,” or, “I want to take a vacation every year,” but knowing what those activities really mean to you. What is motivating those desires? What will change by attaining the given items, experiences or wealth? It seems, the better you can answer questions about what’s motivating your financial goals, the better your relationship with money will be.

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Why Are Career Self-Help Books So Popular for Women?

Would you be surprised to learn that many of the female business books that are popular today are quite similar to those that were popular in the 60s? I sure was surprised when I learned that! From an academic perspective, the conversation around women and business has already evolved enough that there are different 'periods' to describe the differences.

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