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How I handled criticism - Jennifer Spoelma

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Not everyone is going to understand what you are saying, or what you're trying to create. It's a part of life we all know logically, but it's still a tough pill to swallow in reality. 

The early days of Feminine Foresight were full of positive encouragement and feedback. But then the questions and criticisms started to come in, too. 

I had a lot of decisions to make regarding how to respond, and how to move forward. Some things I think I handled with grace and confidence, while there were other areas I definitely could have handled better. Learn along with me in this episode!

I called this series Feminine Foresight because I wanted to pinpoint one of the underlying issues - that many of us hold a deep seeded belief that we (as women) aren't cut out for leadership. So, I named my series Feminine Foresight to highlight the feminine aspect of leadership.