Hello! I’m Jennifer.

I communicate like it's my job. Because it is.  


3 Things you might not guess about me:

1. BEfore I fell in love with writing and blogging, painting was my main creative outlet.

2. I work a corporate Job in the tech industry--and I love it!

3. My favorite cocktails are ones with jalepeños in them.


Here's the scoop: I'm down to earth, but I have big dreams and ambitions

But I don't think that makes me unique. 

I believe most people have big goals and aspirations.

What makes me different is my devotion to creating 100% useful content for you.

The one goal I have with Feminine Foresight is to inspire you to take the next step towards achieving your dreams

My muse is helping others become more confident.

So I practice confidence myself.

That means I create from a place of joy, contentment and peace with myself. 

I hope those vibes literally resonate with you. And when you step away from my site, I hope you feel empowered to tackle whatever is in front of you with both strength and grace



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